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The climate is mostly hot and sunny all year round, so maybe you might need only something for the wind or light sweater... The rainy season strats in October to Genuary with most depression that take place in November.



How to get to Honduraas, Island of Roatan ?
    Simple... Each one of this Air Lines have flights to the Island of Roatan - HONDURAS
Via: Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. TACA - Easy Sky, MC, SOSA
FROM EUROPE: Italy, Spain, USA and Canada: United ( Sunday ), Continental, Iberia, KLM, Lufthansa, Delta, American Airline ( Sunday ), AIRITALY, Meridiana, ( Saturday ) from Milano Malpensa to Roatan
Via: Cancun/MX or Cuba/S.Domingo, Caymans,
- TACA, American Airline, SOSA, Continental in week days and weekends.
  FROM USA: Houston, Atlanta, New Orleans, Miami.

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We have Travel Agency and Tour Operator working for reference. Contact us by phone or send us a Mail we will answer and give you all the info needed as soon as possible.

Thank you.

What to bring ?
  Casual and comfortable clothes are fine for the island of Roatan and for the Boat. If you like, you can bring a suit for night events in Marinas or Resorts, make sure it is light and fresh. But on the island there are all kind of places for all kind of people to have fun.
Vaccinacion Needed ?
  There is NO Special Vaccines or special drugs to take, for visiting the Bay Islands ( Roatan - Utila - Guanaja - Cayos Cochinos ) or Honduras. The Island has no risk for any desise, has fresh water ( always better to drink purified water ) so you don't have to worry for medicine... If you need "Special One" please take them with you it is Hard to Find any Specific Drug.
   It is strictly a MUST to bring durk sun glasses, UV protection or Polarized. Mosquito repellent, other must, even if on board there isn't any... not even in the ancorages. Solar Cream and After Sun locion all you have...
Local Money ?
   The Nacional money is the " Lempira ", that you can get, once you arrive in the Country, at the airport, but, Credit Cards and Traveller's Checks or US Dollars are accepted almost everywere. Anyway you can change to local money Lempira in HSBS bank, Gasoline Stations and Eldon's Stores. It is possible to get cash through ATM machines ( Visa, Mastercard - American Express - Diners Club ) in US dollars or Lempiras, but this only in the Island of Roatan and city of Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula.
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